The team behind LogNormal has been working in the web performance space since 2001 with experience in profiling, load testing, synthetic monitoring, web performance optimization and real user monitoring. They've also brought you tools and best practices for web performance.

Buddy Brewer

Buddy Brewer, Co-Founder & CEO

Buddy Brewer has worked on web performance issues in various roles for almost ten years. He tweets as @bbrewer, gits as bbrewer and hacks on rails.

Philip Tellis

Philip Tellis, Co-Founder & CTO

Philip Tellis has worked with the web for over fifteen years and built performance tools for five. He tweets as @bluesmoon, gits as bluesmoon and hacks on node. Philip is the lead developer behind boomerang.

Philip's mugshot was taken by Dr. Tarique Sani, and is used under the Creative Commons BY-SA License from flickr.