LogNormal was founded in 2011 by two long time web performance guys with an aim to help site owners measure exactly how fast their users perceive their sites to be.

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Real User Performance Measurement

LogNormal takes the guesswork out of measuring your website's performance. We measure the speed that your real users experience — in their browser, over their network, from their location. It doesn't get any more real world than that. The LogNormal solution is easy to deploy: just a single piece of JavaScript. The results can be broken out by connection speed, geographic region, page groups, and more.

The LogNormal servers then crunch through this data, to provide site owners with performance related business intelligence like correlating web performance with bounces, conversions and revenue; information that helps site owners decide between adding new features or working on performance improvements.

We also offer custom solutions to help improve perceived performance.

LogNormal — why simulate when you can have the real world.


Visit our features page to see our full list of features.

Data Quality

Our software filters and analyzes data as it comes in. We perform outlier removal and look for and remove potentially fraudulent beacons. Additionally, we measure the quality of your performance data and show you a possible margin of error in the listed value.

The Name

The name LogNormal comes from probability theory. Web performance data tends to follow a Log-normal distribution with a very long tail. We felt it was apt given the kind of data we look at.